Game Development Track

Build your own video game!

Is your child passionate about video games? Our half-day summer camp is the perfect place to turn their love of video games into a challenging and engaging learning opportunity. The best part is, they’ll be learning these new skills while developing their very own video game. This unique-project based approach allows for a more engaging experience for teens because they get to directly apply their new skills to enhance their game project.

Students will learn to use Unity, the world’s leading game creation platform used by professionals today (popular games like Pokemon Go, Temple Run and Assassins Creed were all developed with Unity). Students will learn to program in C#, a high-level programming language that allows developers to quickly master the creation process.

AP Computer Science Concepts

  • Variables
  • Classes
  • Functions
  • Scope
  • Conditional Statements
  • Logical Operators
  • Singletons
  • Unity Game Engine Concepts

  • The Unity Interface
  • Coliders
  • Triggers
  • Rigidbodies
  • Input
  • Tags
  • Audio
  • Animations
  • Equipment Requirements

    1. Download a free version of the Unity game engine.

    2. A laptop with wireless internet capabilities and headphones.

    3. A mouse and mousepad are optional, but recommended.

    Game Development Curriculm
    Level Lessons Covered
    Level 1 Platformer
    Level 2 Puzzle Game
    Level 3 Dungeon Crawler
    Level 4 Metroidvania
    Level 5 Artillery Game
    Level 6 Role Playing Game
    Level 7 Tower Defense
    Level 8 First Person Shooter
    Level 9 Action Fighting
    Level 10 Real-Time Strategy
    Level 11 Stealth/Survival
    Level 12 Sports
    Level 13 Western RPG