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In addition to teaching courses ourselves, we also want to share our curriculum with other educators like you! Our unique program offers opportunities for student engagement and application like no other curriculum on the market. Read on to find out details and contact us for more information.


We are currently running two course progressions - Website Development and Game Development. Each progression is project-based and focuses on teaching the necessary skills a student needs to create their own final products. With each project you teach, your students will have a final product to show their applied learning and skills.

Our Curriculum Projects

Game Development Track using Unity

  • Platformer (2D)
  • Puzzle (2D)
  • Dungeon Crawler (2D)
  • Artillery (2.5D)
  • RPG (2.5D) *
  • Mobile Collector (2.5D) *
  • Tower Defense (3D) *
  • First Person Shooter (3D) *
  • * In Development

Web Development Track using HTML, CSS and Javascript

  • Introductory Site
  • Portfolio
  • Quiz Game *
  • Social Media App *
  • * In Development

What sets our curriculum apart

Student Ownership

Our curriculum is focused on encouraging students to value what they are learning. The first step is helping them own their project - they come up with a game or website design that fits the criteria of the project and then every instructional video gives them a skill they can use to build their design.

Immediate Application

We provide concepts that students can use immediately to add features to their games or websites. Students learn better when they find personal value in the material, so we ensure all of our instruction can be applied to their own project.

Built-In Differentiation

Students learn at different paces. We keep students at a variety of levels engaged by providing each lesson in video form to allow students to learn at their own pace. This enables the instructor to address individual students or small groups who have specific needs or questions.

What you get when teaching our course



Unfamiliar with Unity or website development? Unsure how to teach in a video-based model? Join us for a week-long training camp where you are the student!


Materials and Support

We will provide you with a grading rubric, assessments, and handouts that you can use with your classes. Our staff is available to help answer any questions regarding how to implement our curriculum.



If you are interested in learning more about becoming one of our early adopters, contact us at