About NerdLevels

Our Mission

NerdLevels is revolutionizing the way students learn programming by providing self-designed, project-based programming education. Our curriculum delivers personalized and application-based learning, where the pace and topics are set by each individual student. We offer opportunities for growth that help expand student’s perspectives and approach to problem-solving.

Our Objectives

  • Provide students with opportunities to apply the skills developed in class to real-world settings.
  • Introduce methods to help students retain key concepts and skills.
  • Encourage students to discover what interests them.

Meet the Crew


Alex majored in computer science in college and then moved on to pursue a legal career. After receiving his J.D. from Boston University’s School of Law he found his passion in education and received a Master’s in Education from the University of San Francisco. He taught math for a few years before becoming a computer science teacher. Alex designs our video game curriculum and teaches in-person classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Moises has a Master’s in Computer Science and has done work in cyber security including publishing video games across PC and mobile platforms. He also has more than 5 years of experience teaching both young students and adult learners at the high school, college and university level. Currently Moises has focused on front and back end web development and has designed the web development curriculum.


Alexa provides support to our team of educators and curriculum developers by helping with operations and marketing. She has a breadth of experience, including work with environmental non-profits, event planning, and barre instruction. She is a mom of two and is passionate about the environment, and making a difference in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are a mix of video and in-person classes. Throughout the course, students have access to step-by-step instructional videos, which are enhanced by in-person teaching, problem-solving class time, and afterhours access to instructors.The courses are designed to meet the needs of each individual student by adapting to their pace of learning. Each week we will cover specific parts of your project in more detail. Students who spend more time working outside of class are likely to get more out of the course.

Students are required to bring a laptop with wireless internet capabilities and headphones. A mouse and mouse pad is optional, but recommended.

Access to materials and educators is unlimited during the course. If you need notes on what you missed, questions answered, or any additional help, just contact your teacher! If a student has to miss a class period they should notify their instructor to schedule a call to cover any important concepts discussed in that class.

No experience required. All you need is curiosity and a desire to learn a new skill!

The course is intended for ages 14-18, but we will accept younger students if they are motivated and interested.

Please email any questions to customerservice@nerdlevels.com.