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Unique Experience

Our unique approach teaches coding through the creation of self-designed games and websites. Our courses build upon one another; you can continue our program by signing up for the next level or try the opposite track!

How Our Courses Work

NerdLevels courses are a mix of video and in-person classes. They are designed to meet the needs of each individual student by adapting to his or her pace of learning. Throughout the course, students have access to step-by-step instructional videos, which are augmented by in-person teaching, problem-solving class time, and afterhours access to instructors.

The courses we offer

Web Development

  • Learn to format, incorporate images and links, and design a website using HTML and CSS. Level up with additional courses building interactive javascript sites, blogs, and trivia games.

Game Development

  • Learn to use the Unity Game Engine and program with the C# programming language as you develop your first video game. Level up with additional courses building puzzle games, dungeon crawlers, and RPG’s.

Upcoming Courses

San Francisco, CA

Jun 10-14

Programming Summer Camp


San Mateo, CA

Jul 22-26

Programming Summer Camp


San Rafael, CA

Jun 24-28

Programming Summer Camp


Why Choose NerdLevels?

Staff Experience

Our curriculum developers combine masters degrees in Education and Computer Science with in-class experience teaching hundreds of students the fundamentals of website, game, and mobile development.

Student Engagement

Students own their projects from beginning to end. We help them outline designs for websites or video games based on their ideas. The rest of our course teaches them how to implement those designs.

Custom Products

Every student will walk out of our courses with his or her own unique project that is ready to be deployed online or in the Google Play store. We teach students to build professional quality projects by using the same languages, software, and game engines used in the industry.

Why Learn Computer Science?


Transferrable Skills

We help students learn both the transferable programming concepts valuable in all programming jobs and the soft skills of problem solving, error correction, and perseverance necessary to succeed in any career.


Jobs After Graduation

Computer Science majors are 35% more likely to have full time jobs a year after graduation than graduates overall. [CollegeXpress]


Highest Salary

Computer Science majors have the highest starting salaries of all majors. [CollegeXpress]

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